Why is Lisp dead? Macros are so cool.

Ram Dass

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Jan 19, 2017
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Since Lisp macros allow you to create new languages and program that can modify code while the program is running, I am wondering why Lisp is dead. Other languages seem to be taking all the cool stuff Lisp offered for years: garbage collectors, anonymous functions, structured lists, and object oriented programming. Even lexical closures.

But, Macros the thing that allows Lisp to be extended in God ways has not been taken into any language in any form close to a Lisp macro. Lisp macros allow a program to modify itself when it is running and allow compilers for other languages to be written in Lisp.

Since Lisp macros are so fucking powerful: they allow self-modifying code (think source code virus), and parsing data dynamically as the program is running. I'm curious as to why Lisp is dead, and nobody wants the awesome language extending macros Lisp offers. Shit, it was Lisp macros that allowed Object Oriented Programming to be added to Lisp when OOP became all the rage.