what youtube channels are you subscribed to?

A Fucking Box

Apr 19, 2015
Debtocratic Republic of Gyros
The only reason why your subscribed to that channel is to watch terrys schizophrenic rants.
It's because I am enlightened you brainlet plebeian. Because of your insufficient intelligence I can see why you cannot comprehend the wisdom that Terry A. Davis is teaching us, but I would like you to show some respect for elder master Davis even if the sack of shit you call your brain is too small to understand why you have to act like so. You fucking buffoon. Subhuman bonobo filth. If you could even had the ability to understand even a single syllable of what wise prophet Terry A. Davis is saying your brain would fucking explode because it lacks the capacity to process the deep and complex concepts that King Davis is talking about. You fucking ape. Go eat some fucking cheerios and live in your false world controlled by the kikes you stupid fucking monkey fuck. benis