Shitty Kickstarters.


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Jul 15, 2011
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I noticed from a post to my Facebook that apparently wallets are the new big thing with Kickstarters.

He's apparently swimming in all the pony poon sporting his Bracerlet.

$3,877 pledged reaching 193% of goal.

These two guys invented a wallet that is 1 or 2 slabs of metal with a rubber band called the HuMn Wallet

Because I totally want chunks of metal poking into ass or leg. And their big niche with it is that it blocks RFID scanners.

Because obviously anyone jabbing your ass with one of these is COMPLETELY inconspicuous.

$295,402 pledged, 447% of goal

This is the iLID Mark-I, because anyone with an iPhone deserves to have their phone and all their money, ID, and Cards stolen from them in one fell swoop.

$28,261 pledged, 282% of goal

The Slider, for those who do not want a bulge in their pants.

$16,519 pledged, 194% of goal

Meet the SUPR SLIM, for hipsters and homeless people whom do not have money. It also boasts more of the RFID bullshit.

$203,488 pledged, 2,034% of goal

Apparently wallets that hold money, cards, and shit are too mainstream, so the Cobra Wallet doubles as a kickstand for your hipster phone, so it frees up your other hand so you can spread lube over your fist while you ram it into your hipster asshole.

$51,128 pledged, 170% of goal

Oh look, another tiny wallet. The Minimalist sports a cash strap (like we havn't seen that before).

$116,802 pledged, 707% of goal

And the icing on this shit cake is the TGT or "Tight". Oooo real Italian leather. So fucking fancy. Must go well with your tight jeans to further prove the lack of genitalia you have by buying this.

$185,223 pledged, 926% funded, with 3 people donating $1000 each.