Is this the next generation of social media?

Political Stasi

EDF Hero
Feb 21, 2016
Hasn't Kikebook already plateaued? I that's the reason why they started buying other companies like Oculus.
Their growth has slowed but not gotten to numbers that could indicate a plateau. Growth of their social media base including Instagram has stagnated in western societies but they have seen strong growth in recent years from the poorer 3rd world areas of the planet as those people get on the internet through cheap computers. Diversifying ones business assets and capabilities is a way for your business to survive when one section crumbles and fails, so yes it is true that all these technology and software companies are buying up and investing in industries outside of their base focus because when one part of their company starts to falter in the future (example: social media) they can still make money and stay relevant through their other business assets that don't rely so much on social media.