Bitcoins, altcoins, and Cryptocurrency

Sep 22, 2013
Gay San Francisco
Anyone else doing the whole bitcoin thing? What coins are you into now? What are you HODLing? What's coins would you like to get? What coins did you sell like an idiot because it went to the moon afterwards? You mining anything?

I only just started maybe three weeks ago. My initial $50 investment has since turned into $130.

I am also mining an altcoin... my current mining venture is netting me about 150 Digibyte coins (DGB) a day, which works out to be about 0.0915 BTC/month, or about $250/month... give or take. I'd RATHER be mining bitcoins, but right now DGB is the most profitable altcoin to mine, at least according to Mulltipool:

I just wish I had started all this sooner....!
Nov 26, 2015
mainly used bitcoin to buy drugs, short on excess cash at the moment, but i would probably buy some now.

I had like 2 bitcoins i put in agora or whatever the most popular market was 3 years ago, thinking it would never shut down and it wasn't like i would have any other use for them.

obviously i was massively wrong.

Personally i feel ethrum is the way to go, it is the largest competitor to bitcoin.

ripple was an obvious pump and dump.

also what is everyone using this for anyway?

outside of buying drugs, it doesn't have much use. On the plus side, the huge boom the last 6 months means crypto currency is here to stay.

how the hell did bitcoin skyrocket in price anyway, it was slowly going up in price, and in the last 9 months increases in price by over 400%


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Nov 22, 2011
It's amazing to me how it keeps spiking. I never would have guessed it would break 1200 again, but now it has far surpassed that.